Our Services

Learning, Education and Tourism

With English being one of the leading languages people want to learn, Eureka Philippines started the Learning, Education and Tourism division that currently offers English as a Second Language series to students and working professionals of different countries as well as local tourism packages and tours for students and travelers. Looking forward, LET aims to expand and offer long term immersive English as a second language education packages.

Retail and Distribution

Eureka Philippines also specializes in retail franchising, aiming to establishing new and foreign restaurants and retail stores and distribute various products from our EIG counterparts into the Philippines and its vastly growing multicultural environment.

Import and Export

As the sales and range of food and beverage products continue to rise in the Philippines, Eureka Philippines strives to import unique foreign products from EIG counterparts from China, Australia and Europe, including Australian Wagyu and European whiskey, and introduce them in our local market. Meanwhile the Company aims to export staple Filipino commodities and introduce them in the global market in the near future.